How To Create Curves to your Body Shape

April 29, 2018
How To Create Curves to your Body Shape


Getting the perfect curvy body is every woman's dream. It's known as the most important characteristic of hour glass body shape, and also should include other features like:

  • Curved shoulders which are wide as your hips and thighs
  • Narrow waist than shoulders and hip (8-10 inch smaller) and hip sudden protrude ( jut out ) to give curvy lines to your sides
  • Most of fats accumulate on the tummy and hips
  • Circular bust and buttocks


Fortunately if you don't have curvy body shape and you have medium weight, you can use the visual illusion to add curves using some simple techniques that I'll mention in this article.


It's known that any design contain external lines (which represent outer shape of the design), and internal lines (which represent the inner details of the design).


So the most common types of lines are:

  • Vertical lines
  • Horizontal lines
  • Diagonal lines
  • Curved lines


When you are looking at any type of lines, your eyes follow the line from where it start till where its end by unintentional way. And when your eyes looking at curved lines it takes more time than other types of lines, therefore curved lines slow us down. Thus, curved lines add volume and curve to our body shape and puts on extra weight.


But how do we use this guide to achieve curvy body shape?

To achieve that, we should use curved lines especially in areas where we want to attain this purpose. For ex. like:

Gathering, Ruffles, frills, puffed sleeves, texture of the fabric, patterns and motives, curved hemlines ….etc.

So we can create illusion / curved body by many techniques in a specific area.


So what do impression curved lines give us?

Curved lines refer to softness, flexibility and femininity.

But be aware for extra use of curved line because it will give impression that you are easy accessible or attainable so be careful for extra use.


Dresses ideas to achieve curved body:

Dresses ideas to achieve curved body

More Ideas to achieve curved body

More Ideas to achieve curved body

Follow me to know more about using the lines to make optical illusions in fashion and style.


In this article we went through the most important characteristics of the curvy body shape, How to achieve curvy body shape if you don't have that shape through visual illusion using the curved lines element of the design, how to apply that (techniques), and finally I showed you some ideas and designs to achieve that.


Follow me to know more and if you need any help don't hesitate contact me.

                                                                                        SAHAR YASEEN

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